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What to Plant Now


An important element of any landscape, shrubs not only provide beauty but help screen, shade and protect your home. Shrubs come in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures ready for you to create a design that fulfills your special needs.

Dwarf Nandina
Small rounded plant known for its brilliant winter color. Evg./Dec. ALS - 2'T x 2'W.

Dwarf Osmanthus
Small free-form plant featuring variegated foliage. Evg. ALS - 3'T x 2'W.

Dwarf Pittosporum
Low growing dense mounding shrub with beautiful glossy green foliage. Evg. ALS - 2'T x 4'W.

Dwarf Yaupon Holly
Low spreading, compact growing shrub excellent for low hedges or borders. Does not produce berries. Evg. ALS - 2'T x 3'W.

Fast growing upright spreading shrub with beautiful silvery green foliage. Tolerates poor soil, heat and drought. Fragrant flowers and edible fruit. Evg. ALS - 6'T x 4'W.

Firecracker Plant
A edacious, branching shrub bearing a profusion of tubular. Firecracker-red flowers from spring to fall amid mid-green leaves and stems. Dec. ALS - 3'T x 3'W.

Weeping shrub noted for its showy yellow to gold flowers early each spring. Tolerates most soils. Dec. ALS - 5'T x 4'W.

Garden Hydrangea
Small rounded shrubs grown for their long-lasting flowers; pink in alkine soils, blue in acid soils. Blooms in early summer. Dec. ALS - 4'T x 4'W.

Rounded shrubs noted for their beautiful foliage and large fragrant white flowers in summer. Evg. ALS - 5'T x 5'W.

Gold Star Esperanza
A splashy, everblooming tropical shrub or small tree bearing gorgeous golden-yellow, trumpet shaped flowers. Evg. ALS - 4'Tx 3'W.