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What to Plant Now


An important element of any landscape, shrubs not only provide beauty but help screen, shade and protect your home. Shrubs come in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures ready for you to create a design that fulfills your special needs.

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Upright plant with large, green or variegated leaves. Will not tolerate sun. Evg. ALS - 4'T x 3'W.

Fast growing plant for tropical landscapes. Evg./Dec. ALS - 8'T x 8'W.

Blue Italian Cypress
Conical cypress with very short branches that form a dense narrow column. The stout branchlets have outstanding dark, grayish, grayish blue-green scale-like leaves. Evg. ALS - 3-'T x 3'W.

Blue Point Juniper
A medium sized shrub with a pyramidal growth habit and extremely dense branching. Beautiful blue-green needle-like foliage. Evg. ALS 10'T x 6'W.

Bottle Brush
Spectacular crimison-red bottlebrush-like flowers bloom sporadically throughout the year above dark green leaves. Evg. ALS - 8'T x 5'W.

Boxleaf Euonymus
Low growing shrub commonly used as a low formal hedge or border. Available in green and green and white variegated form. ALS - 2'T x 2'W.

Compact growing popular shrub. Bright green leaves change to bronze in winter. Evg. ALS - with pruning 2'T x 2'W; without pruning 6'T x 4'W.

Burford Holly
Bushy evergreen shrub with glossy dark green leathery leaves and bright red berries in fall. Excellent hedge or specimen plant. Evg. ALS - 6'T x 5'W.

Burning Bush
Dense growing shrub valued for its spectacular bright red fall foliage. Dec. ALS - 5'T x 5'W.