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What to Plant Now

Vines and Ground Cover

Vines can be used as sun screens, insulating your house to save on electric bills or cooling a patio. Vines add life to stark fences and walls, making them much more attractive. Ground covers are a low maintenance water wise alternative to lawn grasses, especially in trouble areas where grass will not grow.

English Ivy
Popular vine and ground cover for shady areas. Clings easily to walls and fences. Many different varieties. Evg. Climbs to 15-20'.

Evergreen Wisteria
Beautiful wine colored flowers cover this evergreen vine throughout the summer. Evg. ALS - climbs to 20'.

Fig Ivy
A root-clinging perennial climber with leathery, dark green foliage. Though slow to begin climbing there is almost no limit to the size of the area that this vine will cover as it matures. Allow to grow on buildings or walls. Evg. ALS - Climbing to 20'.

Hall's Japanese Honeysuckle
Bright green fast growing vine or ground cover with fragrant white flowers in spring. Vigorous cover for fences, arbors, trellises. Climbs by twining. Climbs 10-15'. Ground cover: 1-2'T. Semi-Evg.

Harbor Dwarf Nandina
Low growing freely spreading groundcover. Spreads by underground stems. Valued for its orange red to bronzy red foliage in the winter. Evg. ALS - 1'T x 2'W.

Fast growing ground cover with a profuse show of color over a long season - every month of the year in frost free areas of the state. Tolerant to heat and poor soils. Beautiful spilling from raised beds, planter boxes or hanging baskets. Many flower colors to choose from. A great annual in northern areas of the state. Evg/Dec. ALS - 2'T x 3'W.

Excellent ground cover for low border edging. Grass-like foliage grows in clumps. Many different green or variegated forms available. Flowers generally lilac, some are white. 'Variegated' and 'Majestic' are improved varieties. Evg. ALS - 30"T x 24"W.

Mondo/Monkey Grass
Dark green grass-like ground cover and border plant. Spreads by underground runners. Space plants 6-18" apart depending upon size of clump. Dwarf and variegated varieties also available. Evg. ALS - 8"T.

Passion Vine
Vigorous growing flowering vine with unique bright showy lavender flowers. Climbs by tendrils. Use on trellises or walls. Flowers in summer. Evg. in south, potted plant in north. Climbs to 10'.

Fast growing ground cover with beautiful lavender blue flowers. Needs shade and some moisture to look best. Trailing habit. Evg. ALS - 1'T.