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What to Plant Now


A well placed shade tree can lower your roof and wall temperatures by 20 degrees or more and help you save over 10% on your electrical bill. Trees help stabilize your neighborhood and add significantly to the value of your home. Homes sell faster in neighborhoods with mature trees.

Live Oak
Large native Texas shade tree with broad, spreading, heavenly-limbed crown. Long-lived and sturdy, with low water use. One of our best shade trees at an average landscape size of 60"T x 70"W. Evergreen in all but most northern parts of the state. Escarpment Live Oaks are best suited for western areas of the state.

Loblolly Pine
This evergreen is loosely pyramidal when young, and becomes more rounded with age. One of the fastest growing southern pines, this variety has scaly gray bark that becomes deeply furrowed with age. Prefers acid soil and requires little water. Good for a fast screen in early years, averaging 50"T x 30"W.

Small rounded ornamental, evergreen tree. Fragrant flowers in fall and winter followed by edible bright yellow fruit in summer for most areas. Attractive tropical foliage good for indoor decorating, averaging 20"T x 20"W.

Fast growing flat-topped ornamental tree. Usually multi-trunked. Beautiful pink fluffy flowers in early summer. These deciduous trees are good for all areas and average 25"T x 46"W.

The state tree of Texas. A large, graceful, shapely tree valued for both its shade and delicious nuts. Many improved paper-shell varieties available. This deciduous tree is good for all areas and averages 70"T x 60"W.

Purpleleaf Plum
Small, ornamental tree with beautiful light pink flowers in spring followed by deep purple foliage. This deciduous tree comes in several varieties for different areas, and the average size 20"T x 20"W.

Red Maple
Fast-growing, deciduous shade tree with beautiful fall color. Needs ample moisture and acidic soil. Native to East Texas with an average size of 40"T x 25"W.

Small, rounded, ornamental tree with small, rosy-pink flowers in early spring before leaves appear. Deciduous tree native to Texas, averaging 25"T x 25"W. Choose from several improved and selected varieties that are good for all areas and easy to grow, requiring little water.

River Birch
A fast-growing, moisture-loving shade tree. Noted for its beautiful bark that flakes and curls on older trees. Often grown in clump form with an average size of 60"T x 30"W. This deciduous tree works best in East Texas.

Saucer Magnolia
Small, ornamental, flowering tree. Beautiful pinkish-red flowers before leaves in early spring. Many other ornamental magnolias available. This deciduous tree grows to an average 20"T x 15"W.