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What to Plant Now

Bedding Plants > Perennials

Perennials are plants that appear year after year without reseeding or replanting. They may die to the ground during part of the year, but return to full form when their season returns. A few cold sensitive perennials should be used as annuals in northern parts of the county or may require additional mulching to protect the root system from freeze damage during the winter. Ask your Certified Professional for more details on how a particular perennial will perform in your area.

Spectacular early spring flowers in a wide range of colors including orange, red, pink, salmon, white and multi-colored. Blooms can be up to 8" across and 12-18" tall. Top of bulb should be even with soil level when planting; amaryllis are good container plants in partial sun.

Long narrow spikes of cup-shaped, deep mauve to violet flowers bloom in summer above sharp toothed leaves. They can be in full sun, but kept in moist but well-drained, fertile soil. Angelonia average 15-18" high and 8-12" across.

This full-sun, low water use plant is famous for its intense silvery grey, wooly foliage. They average 24-36" in height and 18-24" across, but should be cut back occasionally to encourage bushy growth. They will not tolerate wet soils, especially in winter.

Autum Aster
Beautiful, lavender flowers with a bright yellow center. This hearty plant blooms in late summer to early fall and averages 24-30". Plant in full sun 18-24" apart; easy to grow with out much care and attention. Other varieties of aster are available.

Autum Sage
Masses of small flowers in red, white, salmon, or pink from spring until frost. Will thrive in hot areas, and are tolerant of heat and drought. Full sun to partial sun for plants averaging 2-3" high and 2-4" across.

Bearded Iris
Large flowers are available in every color and color combination available. They can grow to be 1-3" and bloom in early summer; many varieties are repeat bloomers. Plant in full to partial sun, provide good drainage, and space 1-2 feet apart.

Blanket Flower
These daisy-like flowers have outer rays that can be solid or bi-colored and a central eye that can be yellow, brown, or purple. Flowers are 3-4" across on 18-30" plants and bloom from early summer to frost. In full sun or partial sun they are tolerant to drought, heat, and cold and grows best in well-drained soils spaced 12-18" apart.

Blazing Star/Gayfeather
Tall rose, lavender, purple, or white flower spikes reaching 18-30" throughout summer into fall. This full-sun plant tolerates heat and drought conditions; plant in well-drained soil, 18-24" apart

Blue Daze
A slender, trailing, evergreen perennial with small, closely set gray-green leaves and powder-blue funnel-shaped flowers with white eyes bloom throughout summer. Grows best in fertile, well-drained soil in full to partial sun. Blue Daze average 6-8" high and 8-10" across.

Blue Lily of the Nile
Dense, rounded 6" heads of blue or white trumpet-shaped flowers on long stalks averaging 2-3" tall from summer until fall. Place in morning sun spaced 2-3" apart, and protect in the winter. Dwarf forms are also available.