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Soils, Mulches & Decorative Stone

Houston Garden Centers offers you an impressive selection of stepping stones, landscaping bricks and decorative stones as well as a complete selection of mulches and soils.

Compost Peat Humus
Contains beneficial microorganisms to improve drainage and provides aeration.

Composted Cow Manure
Fully Composted, low odor. Idea for flower or vegetable garden.

Wonder Garden Soil
Special mix for trees, shrubs and flowers.

Native Mulch
Made to suppress weed growth. Will not float or wash away.

Red Mulch
Long lasting color for a more dramatic look.

Midnight Mulch
Professional quality blackened and shredded hardwood mulch.

Cypress Mulch
100% organic, long lasting, controls weeds and provides moisture control.

Cedar Mulch
A natural insect repellant and moderates soil moisture and temperature.

Decorative Pine Bark Nuggets
Perfect to mulch around azaleas, camellias and roses. Professional quality.

EasyGro Premium Potting Soil
Specially formulated for better growth. Perfect for seed starting, root cuttings and in hanging baskets.