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Fertilizers & Chemicals

Fertilizers & Chemicals

Amdro Image Herbicide
IMAGE Herbicide is a postemergent, selective weed killer for use in southern turfgrass and selected ornamentals. IMAGE Herbicide targets the toughest southern weeds

Amdro Fire Ant Bait
AMDRO Fire Ant Bait products are a long-term solution to eliminating fire ants. Unlike other insecticides that have only enough power to kill a few ants on contact, AMDRO Fire Ant Bait continues to kill until the entire fire ant mound is destroyed.

Amdro Yard Treatment
Treat the entire yard with new AMDRO Fire Ant Bait Yard Treatment . There's no mixing, mess or smell and you don't even have to water it in. Just apply it and forget it.

Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix
Formulated with AquaCoir

Miracle Grow Organic Choice Garden Soil
Exclusive mix of all-natural, organic ingredients. Natural fertilizers provide both quick and slow release feeding to get plants off to a fast start and keep them growing. Delivers nearly double the yields of topsoil...naturally. Ideal for growing all types of in-ground vegetables, annual and perennial flower beds. No more messy, time-consuming composting or mixing!

Miracle Grow Premium Potting Mix
Enriched with Miracle-Gro Continuous Release Plant Food that feeds up to 3 months. Proven to grow plants twice as big as ordinary potting soil. Excellent for tropical, foliage and flowering houseplants, potted vegetables and herbs. A rich blend of sphagnum peat moss and other organic materials.

Ortho Systemic Insect Killer
Kills on contact and protects entire lant from chewing and sucking insects. Kills insects that attack roses, flowers, ornamentals, shrubs and trees, including Japanese beetles, aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, thrips, mealybugs, scales, caterpillars and many others. May be combined with fungicides to make it a multi-purpose spray

Ortho Home Defense Max Insect Killer
Just one application around the home foundation kills home-invading insects all season long. Ergonomically designed bottle and applicator spout make it easy to apply a consistent barrier. Kills and prevents ants, spiders, and over 30 other listed insects. Enough product to treat the average 2,000 sq-ft home more than 2 times

Ortho MAX Fire Ant Killer Broadcast Granules
One application provides season long control! Kills on contact. Kills the queen. Prevents new fire ant mounds from forming

Ortho Fire Ant Killer Mound Treatment
Fast-acting: Kills the mound in 12 hours! Reaches deep into the mound to kill the queen and colony. Guaranteed results.